Fathers at Birth


Author: Rose St. John

Copyright: 2008

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 272


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Only a few generations ago, men were left to pace the waiting room anxiously anticipating the birth of their children. Times have changed. But many men are still at a loss when it comes to knowing what their role is in the birthing room. Fathers at Birth shows you how to transform yourself into the physical, emotional, and spiritual guide your partner needs you to be by providing you with a clear understanding of your role during labor and birth; simple concepts, tips, and tools you need to be a confident birth partner; how to touch and talk to a laboring woman; insight and skills needed to be a companion who makes a difference; and much, much more!


I applaud Ms. St. John on her enormous effort; she has taken a lifetime of experience as a mother, doula, yoga instructor, birth coach, and a birthing woman, and rolled them into a clear, easy-to-read guide for the most important attendant at the birth: the father.
—Cathy Parisi, MSN, CNM, Director of Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center

Rose St. John has combined her immense amount of experience with assisting and teaching couples into a practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense guide for fathers. . . . I am excited to see such a complete compendium directed at fathers, to know that it will help so many women have better and more pleasurable birth experiences.
—Barbara Harper, author of Gentle Birth Choices and Director of Waterbirth International