Common Errors in English Usage, 3rd Ed.


Author: Paul Brians

Copyright: 2013

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 384


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The revised and expanded third edition of Common Errors in English Usage remains a useful and fun guide to mixed-up, mangled expressions, foreign language faux pas, confusing terms, and commonly mispronounced words.


“I rarely take a Grammar Girl podcast live without at least quadruple-checking my main thesis, and Common Errors in English Usage has quickly become one of my most valued fact-checking resources.”
—from the Foreword by “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty, podcaster,author of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

“Paul Brians has written a handy and likable reference tool. When he gives you the right answer, he sends you off chuckling—a winning combination.”
—Jack Miles, Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer and former literary editor, Los Angeles Times

“I’d call Paul Brians’ book incredible, fabulous, or fantastic, except thanks to him, I know now that none of those words are what I really mean. Let’s just say that Common Errors in English Usage is the most cheerfully useful book I’ve read since the Kama Sutra.”
—Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition