Married to My Garden


Author: Barbara Blossom Ashmun

Copyright: 2007

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 128


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“How did Barbara Blossom Ashmun get so inside our skin? She seems to
know just how we feel—the emotional
ups and downs, the thrills and frustrations, the beautiful and the
ugly (slugs of course). This book will resonate with anyone who’s ever
had a love affair with her garden.”
—Dulcy Mahar, The Oregonian

“Barbara owns up to many quirky
habits that less honest gardeners may
be too embarrassed to admit. I laughed out loud at some of her escapades,
well remembering similar outings of my own. But beneath the amusing anecdotes, plenty of sound horticultural knowledge surfaces, as well as the
sheer joy of the process. The author
is a born teacher; in her down-to-
earth way she passes along the
hiccups and drawbacks inherent in creating gardens with as much
directness as she delights in success
with a new plant. A perfect gift for
a would-be gardener!”
—Ruth Rogers Clausen, Country Living Gardener

“Whether she’s working soil ‘hard as a rock and gray as pewter,’ or observing a cattail ‘bursting its seam like an old sofa,’ Barbara Blossom Ashmun takes enormous pleasure in her romance with the garden.”
—Ketzel Levine, National Public Radio

“Barbara Blossom Ashmun’s thoughts on gardening prove that she is indeed married to her garden. In this insightful collection, she evokes the pleasures and rewards of tending to her true love. Reading this book will make you want to run out and dig in your own garden.”
—Elizabeth Conklin, publisher, Fine Gardening