Traveling Light: Chasing an Illuminated Life


Author: Deborah DeWit

Copyright: 2006

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 96


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“Traveling Light is a brilliant work. The hightly gifted Deborah DeWit Marchant brings to the reader her exquisite prose, which coalesces with and confirms her stunning photography. This heartfelt treatise of the artist’s journey is a book for those in life dedicated to the discovery of hidden beauty.”
—Carlos Eyles,

“Deborah DeWit Marchant’s ethereal photographs have always taken my breath away. Now, in Traveling Light, her words share the same powerful poignancy. DeWit Marchant’s recollections of a developing esthetic offer a poetic coming-of-age memoir that articulates a joy of discovery—from nature to art to life. What an exquisite little book!”
—Eleanor Edmondson, president of Bas Bleu, Bookseller-by Post

“This is not a philosophical book, yet philosophy suffuses every page. It is not only an autobiography, though it chronicles the inner life of the artist’s passionate quest. It is, perhaps, an illustrated meditation on the ways and means of light in all our lives.”—Phyllis L. Thompson, Ph.D., Medieval Studies, Cornell University