Author: Ann Ploeger

Copyright: 2008

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 96


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“One could say the most appealing element in Ann Ploeger’s photographs is their voyeuristic nature, the glimpse she provides of people’s habits—but that’s not it. One could say it’s the wash of luminous color, or the careful composition that allows room for the placement of our own stories within the corners of the frame, but that’s not it, either, though all those factors provide wonderful depth and elevation to her work. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we’ll come across an artist intuitive enough to translate and reflect upon topics more or less universally pondered. The definition of home is one of them. And Ann Ploeger does so in a way that quietly pulls out one’s own definition and places it upon that of her own, upon that of the subjects in her images.” —from the introduction by Kirsten Rian, Executive Director, Blue Sky Gallery Executive Director, The Aftermath Project